Welcome Citizen!

We are building a nation of financially independent citizens through the dictates of our leader Citizen One and the ideas generated from our collective. We seek a free life, the liberty of financial independence and the pursuit of early retirement. We will eliminate debt, live within our means, and become financially independent.

While the focus of our nation may revolve around money and financial independence, we recognize that money is not all there is to life. Money’s importance is dwarfed by the immensity of family, friends and community. We recognize that much harm has been done in this world by forgetting this fact. We vow not to forget this as we pursue our own financial independence.

With that, let us begin.

Your fearless leader,

Citizen One

Terms Used in Moneyland

Prime Directive – An essential idea, action or behavior that is critical in becoming a realized citizen of Moneyland and achieving financial independence.

Realized Citizen – A citizen of Moneyland who has followed all the prime directives and has achieved financial independence.

Fledgling Citizen– A citizen of Moneyland striving to follow the dictates of our nation, on their way to financial independence.

Who is Citizen One?

The Alpha and Omega. Fearless leader of Moneyland and creator of this blog.

Few Disclaimers

  • Advice in this blog is based on the U.S. financial system and tax codes.
  • Citizen One is not a financial professional. Take advice for what’s it’s worth. Always best to do your own homework or ask for a second opinion.
  • “Citizens” and “nation” and the like are used in a joking manner. They should not be taken as a tacit endorsement of any particular form of government or organization, e.g. oligarchs, communistic regimes, dictatorships, etc.